M1 Crab Nebula or NGC1952 The remains of a Supernova in 1054. The expanding rate is 1.500 kilomerts per second


Exposure: Project 2016

Exposure date:  



Software: MaxiumDL 5

                Fits liberator 2.3

                Photoshop CS3

                Lightroom 3


Type: Supernova remnant

RA: 5h 34m 31.94s

Dec: +22 1.255′

Distance: 6500.00 ly

Apparent magnitude: 8.4

Apparent dimensions: 20 arcmin

Constellation: Taurus


Telescope: Intes MK-67

Camera: QSI 583ws

Filterwheel: LRGB built-in

Mount: CP-165


    Scope: Robtics 80/330

    Camera: Orion StarShoot

Robofocus:   SharpSky focuser

Software: Starry Night Pro Plus, PHD